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Hello, people! Now I am on facebook.

I usually post the sketches on Facebook.
I want to introduce you to my talented friend - Igor Greceanii.
Click on the link, you will not regret it, he draws great!

Good day! Some time ago I had to draw a couple of illustrations with an Indian flavor. I began to search for images by subject on DeviantArt ( In addition to historical reconstruction) and run into the Peruvian group. Its content has disappointed me. I haven't found pictures of Inca history and mythology. There is no national style, but the American superheroes and anime).
      I am not against globalization, but, as long as it's possible, i suggest to preserve the national identity. I have over 1000 watchers, what about everyone to draw something from the history of their own country? It's just a suggestion).

Доброго дня! Некоторое время назад мне нужно было нарисовать пару иллюстраций с индейским колоритом. Кроме исторических реконструкций, я начала искать тематические картинки по ДевиантАрту и зашла в перуанскую группу. Ее содержимое меня разочаровало. Я не нашла практически никаких достойных иллюстраций по инкской истории или мифологии. Никакого национального колорита, только американские супергерои и аниме).
Я не против глобализации, но все-же предлагаю по возможности сохранить национальную идентификацию. У меня более 1000 вотчеров, может, каждый нарисует что-то из истории своей страны? Это всего лишь предложение).
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Life is shit! I was hoping to enter in 25 semi-finalists of the competition (Fotolia). I really need are the prizes (money) to buy a SLR. Lord! Help me to take a normal, good camera somewhere.

In fact, my knowledge of the program Photoshop is very bad ... I wonder ... I've got a lot to learn and improve my technique ...
I'm stupid noob who has no artistic taste. Excuse me ....
But I so want to photograph (((...
I give you a heart! Real heart! This is because I love you).
Good day to all! I plan to make a series of fan-art for the game Fallout. This does not mean that I will not do photo manipulation in the style of gothic fantasy, or dark. But in the fantasy style images will be slightly less now. ) Perhaps the images that I create will not be glamorous and shiny, sorry). I love you all! And forgive me for bad english).
My new stock - absolutely free. Can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Large sizes. Stock is in the process of replenishment. There is a picture -
Trees and leaves

Gallery in the process of creating -
Fruit and Vegetables

use it!
Ура! У меня появился планшет! И я даже пытаюсь на нем рисовать)))

Hooray! I've got a tablet! And I even try to draw on it)))
Good day! I invite all residents and guests of the city of Kharkov to the photoshooting. Age and sex do not matter. I need models! Shooting - free.

sorry for my bad english

Добрый день! Я приглашаю всех жителей и гостей города Харькова на фотосессию. Возраст и пол не имеют значения. Mне нужны модели! Фотосъемка - бесплатно.